Security + Fire Services

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Security Alarms

No building is exactly the same so why would you rely on a phone call instead of an in person visit to set it up for security. Give us a call and we can design a system for more peace of mind.

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Camera Systems

HuffCo works on many camera systems that are already in place. We also have camera solutions that are far ahead of their time and will not let you down. Every building and home needs different camera solutions. We will design a system that covers and protects your home or business.

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Access Control

Whether it's a gate or a door to a secure location we have a solution to restrict the flow of unwanted guests. We haven't run into any projects we haven't been able to secure and we want you to test that, give us a call and let us help secure your home or business.

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Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems may seem like something that you are forced to keep up with but they are extremely important. Fire can start in many different ways and can be unforgiving. We can help keep your fire system up to date and inspected so you dont have to live that nightmare!

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